Arte del Vedere

Travelling exhibition

Arte del Vedere

Travelling exhibition

Arte del Vedere
Our Travelling Exhibition

There is a jewel that we love to show to the world because it is one of a kind. Our Travelling glasses exhibition. This is a project of great historical-cultural value, invented and carried out for over 30 years by our designer Lucio Stramare.

The history of glasses is eclosed in 14 mountable display cases where more than 300 pieces of historical glasses are held. It is a complete and richly detailed story around this object, in a period ranging from 1200s to the present day.

This collection is the result of years of research and historical insights and is available to philanthropists, public bodies, museums and foundations who want to help spread the culture of eyewear to the world.

Our Travelling Exhibition can be set up in any cultural container that enhance its preciousness: glasses are not just an accessory, but have been and will remain a medical device that changed our lives. They have helped us look to the future and are a metaphor of our infinite possibilities.

It is the story of our cultural evolution, where the applied arts have allowed us to create indispensable artifacts for humans. Where skilled craftsmen have made possible the impossible. Where the development of technology has been fundamental to our well-being.

This is the meaning of our Travelling Eyewear Exhibition.

“Pausing to look at a collection of antique and recent glasses is therefore travelling in a world of emotions, in a tangle of stories, in an overlap of time and place. It’s a cultural and emotional journey, an exploration in search of a past to reinvent a tradition and to be renewed with the wisdom of new technologies and the constant reflection on the evolution of taste.”

Lucio Stramare

Our Travelling Exhibition can be summarised as follows:



Years of eyewear history.


Years or more of research into this accessory.


Display cases that can be dismantled and transported anywhere in the world.


Glasses on display, to date.

Arte Del Vedere – The book


“Very few people have got the humility to look back and study what had just been done.

But there is no modernity without wisdom and creativity without tradition.”

Vivienne Westwood


With the opening of the book, Arte del Vedere begins its story around the history of glasses, starting from the 13th century arriving to the 2000s. Written and published by Lucio Stramare, a door opens onto the past and lays the foundations for the future of sunglasses design. It is a testimony of a great passion, which permeated Lucio Stramare’s personal life since he was a child, honing his skills and knowledge, which allowed him to be an established designer in the sector.

Do not miss this opportunity to host the world’s unique traveling exhibition.

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