Arte del Vedere

Itinerant exhibition

Arte del Vedere

Itinerant exhibition

Arte del Vedere
Itinerant Exhibition

The glasses have been a familiar objects since I was a child. I was born and I have lived in one of the venetian pole of the glasses, where my parents too worked in one of the glasses company and I heard many times dialogues about those “objects” and I saw them in my house.

As years went by my curiosity increased, my interest become more vivid.

So, going around the world, I began to frequent the se- cond-hand markets and antique shops to find the roots, the history of the glasses, to understand the development and better grasp the present. I was immediately fascinated. I started to feel a game of energy behind the collection that was borning.

On a side there was the power of the aesthetical quality of each glasses, the beauty or the creativity, the elegance or the eccentricity, the tecnique and the functionality. On another side there was the human energy tran- sferred by the handcrafts and the engravers that have created those objects, and beeen able to catch the potential of a material, the aesthetics of a shape, the preciousness of a work. And, at the end, an insatiable curiosity for their “soul”, a desire to known who have drew them, when, why: a curiosity often unsolved, because the tra- ces are lost in the memory. So, stop and look to a collection of old and new glasses means to travel in a world of emotion, in a interla- cing of histories, in a overlapping of places and times.

It is a cultural and emotional trip, an exploration to search a past that has to be reinvented, a tradition to renew, with the wisdom of the new technologies and the costant thinking about the evolution of the taste.

Lucio Stramare

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Arte Del Vedere – The book

“Very few people have got the humility to look back and study what had just been done.

But there is no modernity without wisdom and creativity without tradition.”

Vivienne Westwood


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